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Teaser posters for the opening of the first ever I Love Paris under the Savoy on Princess St.





The first I Love Paris opens it's doors in 1989!





Ava, Samara and Tony (taking the photo) head off for their first ever buying trip to Australia!






I Love Paris opened a second "store within a store" in the Edinburgh way in the 90's called 'Jack Hammers' to keep up with the demand for the androgynous styles by Doc Martens and Timberland which were hugely popular at the time.






The Edinburgh Way store… European Imports in "I Love Paris" on the left and Doc Martens and Timberlands in the "industrial chic" Jack Hammers side (early 1990's)






Doc Martens fever in our original Golden Centre location. The 90's were all about Porters Lime Wash paint (on our ceiling) wood and vintage furniture as props for our stores (so not much has changed)






ILP looking very festive for Christmas in the early 90's!






Ava and Samara on opening day of ILP in the Old Bank Arcade, Lambton Quay, Wellington in 2003






The Welly store pumping during WOW in 2013